Claudio Pozzani is born in 1961 in Genova, Italy. A poet, prosaist and visual artist. He is well known in Italy and abroad for his poetic performances in the most important literary festivals in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

His poems have been translated into more than 10 languages and have appeared in important anthologies and magazines dedicated to international contemporary poetry. Since 1994, he cooperates with cultural CVT and is the director of several poetry festivals, including Genova Poetry Festival and Poésir (Cultural Association in Paris). His latest work is an album of poetry and music entitled La Marcia dell’Ombra (The March of the Shadow), which for two months has been included in the “top 30” of the Independence Radio of Italy. In 2013, his collection was published in Armenia (Zangak, 2013).


  •  2015, «Генуя хандрящая» (Russian Gulliver publishing house, RF), (Russian)
  •  2013, «Ստվերի քայլերթը» (Zangak publishing house, RA), (Armenian, Russian, Italiano)
  •  2012,  In Armenia
  •  2010, La Marcia dell’Ombra


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